the orchestra of accordions of Paris - Orchestre d'accordéons de Paris

Orchestre d'Accordéons de Paris
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Orchestre d'accordéons de Paris
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was named so on
November 26th, 1957.
For its public baptism,
Etienne Lorin,
its founder, Was accompanied by the actor and singer Bourvil and the composer Gérard Calvi.
Etienne Lorin
had created something for which he will have devoted much time of his life.
It has been a few years since he was managing a musical school and he had naturally grouped pupils sharing his dream :
" perform music together and perform music composed to be played together "
He then devoted all his efforts towards the accordion orchestra of Paris, creating many contacts, willing to have accordion recognized as a real and interesting instrument.
This took time. Though accordion is now among instruments taught in French Musical schools (Conservatoires), it hasn’t always be the case. Step by step, OAP increased its notoriety by giving concerts in France and abroad, participating to concerts on regional or national levels.
It got many awards.  
OAP received the ORTF (French public TV) cup. 8 French Cups were awarded to OAP in the category “ small and mid-size ensembles”. Paris city awarded OAP the silver medal of Paris.
OAP also obtained the Grand Prix de l’Académie Charles Cros. All these prizes, well deserved by OAP, were in fact indirectly rewarding Etienne Lorin who lead the orchestra till 1975 when he suddenly died. Nevertheless, OAP demonstrated, with claude Thomain as the new conductor, that this idea and project were still alive and that OAP had a future to build.
Claude Thomain
was the conductor of the orchestra till january 1983 in parallel with his role of accompanying the French singer Mouloudji. Thanks to him, OAP opened its repertoire to new styles including jazz.
Since February 1983,
José Vicario
leads the orchestra. He had been learning accordion with Camille Di Luca, Etienne Lorin, Maurice Vittenet and José Rossi. Awarded by the Confédération Musicale de France, 1st prize of excellence, Former member of the Quintette d’Accordéons de Paris and of Quatuor Chevalier, teacher in several musical schools (“conservatoires”) and several cultural associations José Vicario is keeping alive the “OAP spirit”. The motto :
Our repertoire includes today as it did in the past, different music styles. The selected played pieces enable to highlight sometime unknown musical qualities and characterisctics of the accordion. Moreover, OAP repertoire includes original pieces especially composed by famous composers.
Public concerts are on occasion to demonstrate all musical characteristics
and possibilities offered by the accordion.
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